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Stamp Program Objectives

In order to address the global mercury problem, Aladdin has developed the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program. This program is designed to induce artisanal and all mercury mining users to adopt Aladdin's highly efficient mining technologies. The fundamental strategy looks to illustrate the economic advantages of HGP to the miners. Although being able to provide a safe work environment , safety benefits alone are not sufficient to convince indigent miners to abandon mercury processing. Ultimately, the success of the program must rely on its ability to provide the miners with a greater level of income than what they are able to derive when using mercury. The broad objectives of the STAMP Program are as follows:
1. Employ as many artisanal miners as is possible while maintaining the economical integrity of the program.
2. Work to eliminate the use of mercury when extracting gold in the customary artisanal alluvial concentrates and hard rock deposit areas.
3. Increase artisanal miner wages above the national average and provide bonuses based on gold revenues.
4. Create new employment opportunities and provide training for higher paid jobs in the trades, management, administration, accounting, mining, geology, process engineering, and attendant disciplines.
5. Provide a humanitarian fund to benefit the miners and their families.
6. Convert sites to farming land or forestry after gold is depleted from the properties.
7. Attract artisanal miners to proven gold reserves set aside by large scale mining companies and / or the government.
8. Make a profit for all stakeholders

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin Technologies Inc. is dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly processes to host countries so that mineral wealth can be extracted in a way that does not endanger local ecosystems or the health of native people. This interest - coupled with a commitment to mutual respect and a close involvement with all stakeholders - is behind the company's drive to help the government and citizens of countries achieve maximum benefit from their mineral resources. We also recognize that shareholder interests are best served when - based on our ethical treatment of indigenous people and sensitivity to environmental issues - countries actively seek out business relationships with the company.

Social responsibility is not simply an abstract concept, but rather, a realistic moral command and business strategy. Aladdin will do whatever is reasonable to help the communities of people around the world with which it interacts. Therefore, to disregard the tenants of mutual respect and fair trade would not only be morally corrupt, but it could also damage shareholder value in company mineral endeavors. Aladdin endeavors to be a leader in the way in which it brings obligations of social responsibility to its business enterprises.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Haber News

Please give us some news related to the company.


Haber Believer said...

Hourly, I believe these articles are related to us. As Bob has previously stated he has to keep the board active, but in the meantime the company is talking to many companies relating to our technology and anyone of these articles could be relevant to us. Bob said we would be advised as soon as there is news to share. I know it's hard to read these stories and not understand how we haven't made a deal yet, but keep the faith. Nobody and I repeat nobody has the complete technology that we have and one day and I believe in the near future it is going to pay off and when it does it is going to be big!

Dave said...

Info on the Company's current or future happenings would help to keep us motivated.

Haber Believer said...

Dave, I don't want to be a "board hog" or "board maven", but I have been an investor in Haber for many years and please believe me, I have done countless hours of research concerning our technology. The whole world needs what we have and it's my humble opinion that after we get our first deal demand for our product will sky rocket and be bigger than anyone ever imagined. REMEMBER, the world needs us and what we have to offer or the whole industry is going to suffer and suffer big time. The populations of these different countries are no longer being fooled and are demanding solutions to the environmental problems they are suffering because of Mercury and Cyanide. Gold and Money means absolutely nothing if you have a DEAD POPULATION.

hourly said...
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Bob Lembo said...

guys.....I operate this blog from a very positive viewpoint in that I feel we will be successful at some point and when we do, there will be a much larger viewership and awareness to our technology than if this blog did not exist.
Although primarily started to keep shareholders in the loop, it now also functions as a site for those who are concerned about the environment pertaining to gold mining pollution, the miners, their community and the world at large as a concern. All the links and news articles are there to hopefully acquire a readership that comes here as a reference portal for this specific topic.
This blog is not meant to be a substitute for a message board. The shareholders are still most definitely our first concern and when company news can be released, it will.
Just because we no longer trade, we still must abide by common business practices that may require confidentiality and restraint.
No news does not mean things are not happening behind the scenes.
Rest assured management is working extremely hard to insure our success.

Moneychallenged said...

Thanks Bob, nice hear everyone still got their eye on the ball!

Anonymous said...

I have been a Haber shareholder since the mid 70's. Norman Haber was a visionary & this technology will be recognized for it's true value at one point. I just hope it's sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

I'm a mine and process plant owner in a gold rich country.
I was very interested in HGP but the joint venture proposals are unfortunately unrealistic from a business sense. We use cyanide leaching and cyanide recycling to protect the environment, it would be cheaper for me to continue using this method.