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Stamp Program Objectives

In order to address the global mercury problem, Aladdin has developed the Strategic Abatement of Mercury and Poverty (STAMP) program. This program is designed to induce artisanal and all mercury mining users to adopt Aladdin's highly efficient mining technologies. The fundamental strategy looks to illustrate the economic advantages of HGP to the miners. Although being able to provide a safe work environment , safety benefits alone are not sufficient to convince indigent miners to abandon mercury processing. Ultimately, the success of the program must rely on its ability to provide the miners with a greater level of income than what they are able to derive when using mercury. The broad objectives of the STAMP Program are as follows:
1. Employ as many artisanal miners as is possible while maintaining the economical integrity of the program.
2. Work to eliminate the use of mercury when extracting gold in the customary artisanal alluvial concentrates and hard rock deposit areas.
3. Increase artisanal miner wages above the national average and provide bonuses based on gold revenues.
4. Create new employment opportunities and provide training for higher paid jobs in the trades, management, administration, accounting, mining, geology, process engineering, and attendant disciplines.
5. Provide a humanitarian fund to benefit the miners and their families.
6. Convert sites to farming land or forestry after gold is depleted from the properties.
7. Attract artisanal miners to proven gold reserves set aside by large scale mining companies and / or the government.
8. Make a profit for all stakeholders

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin's Pledge To Social Responsibility

Aladdin Technologies Inc. is dedicated to bringing environmentally friendly processes to host countries so that mineral wealth can be extracted in a way that does not endanger local ecosystems or the health of native people. This interest - coupled with a commitment to mutual respect and a close involvement with all stakeholders - is behind the company's drive to help the government and citizens of countries achieve maximum benefit from their mineral resources. We also recognize that shareholder interests are best served when - based on our ethical treatment of indigenous people and sensitivity to environmental issues - countries actively seek out business relationships with the company.

Social responsibility is not simply an abstract concept, but rather, a realistic moral command and business strategy. Aladdin will do whatever is reasonable to help the communities of people around the world with which it interacts. Therefore, to disregard the tenants of mutual respect and fair trade would not only be morally corrupt, but it could also damage shareholder value in company mineral endeavors. Aladdin endeavors to be a leader in the way in which it brings obligations of social responsibility to its business enterprises.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Corporate update from Haber website

November 11, 2011

To Haber Shareholders:
Haber management is engaged in numerous business discussions with individuals and organizations who have expressed serious interest in supporting our revenue generating near term objectives.   Many are reviewing and analyzing projects that are located in the United States, as well as, S.A and African countries.   Our desired goal is to establish the first plant in the Continental United States.   Being under non-disclosure and non-circumvent agreements inhibits our ability to comment specifically on the entities or mine site locations under discussion.  However, there is no lack of activity in our attempts to successfully close a deal.
Regarding shareholder stock positions, let me reiterate again, every shareholder holds the same amount of company shares now as they held when we were trading and will hold the same amount of shares upon the resumption of trading.   As it stands, after many inquiries, we have found no broker/dealer who will act as our sponsor for relisting.  It is the responsibility of the broker/dealer to bear the associated filing costs unilaterally. To gain their support, it is essential that we consummate a meaningful contract which shows a realistic potential for future revenues, prepare audited financials and provide the prospect of enough trading volume to justify the broker/dealer investment associated with their sponsorship.  To effectuate that result we have included in all outstanding project proposals sufficient funds to secure audited financials and legal support to assist in future relisting efforts. 
There has never been more serious expressed interest in our technology by qualified entities than exists today.  Although there are no guarantees, I am cautiously optimistic that in the near term, one of our projects, currently under review, will lead to an agreement.   When and if that happens, our future prospects will turn immediately from the doldrums to a very exciting investment for everyone. 
Al Conti, CEO


imbusil said...

I want to thank everyone for their continued efforts.

Haber Believer said...

This update is very positive as the company appears to be accomplishing their objectives. Personally, I have never lost faith in management and feel we have a great team of knowlegeable and driven individuals who are determined to make our products accepted world-wide and it appears the timing coudn't be better!

I am very appreciative for the update.

ozark said...

After observing all the chaos and games played in the so called equity market, I believe that we are not any worse off by not trading. Our day will come and maybe it is providential that we are currently stalled and made to wait. Naturally, those of us who watch this board closely, will be the first to know when the good news hits first and will have the opportunity to add to our positions before the rest of the market wakes up to Haber's reserrection.

ozark said...

I appreciate the update. Moreover, with all the chaos going on in the equity market, I don't feel too bad about our current situation. In fact, we have one advantage in that those of us who follow this board will be the first to know when trading resumes. I imagine that it will take a bit of time before the general market players respond to a stock considered not worth the trade. This will give us the added lead time needed to increase our positions on this stock.

Anonymous said...


Haber Believer said...

It has become a ritual for me to read Habertalk every morning. The articles that are posted almost daily are very informative and shows the severity the world faces because of Cyanide and Mercury.
If these problems exist with the price of gold at approximately $1750 per ounce, what is going to happen if the price goes to $2500 an ounce?
The good news out of this whole mess is that Haber has an answer to the problem and one day the world will be knocking at their door.

Mia Likey Gold said...

After reading all these posted articles on the devastating affects of Mercury and Cyanide, I am more convinced than ever now that once Haber finalizes a deal they will be recognized by the entire Gold Industry and the demand for HGP will be bigger than any of us thought possible.
It almost seems that now, the use of these chemicals is totally out of hand and sooner or later if something drastic isn't done it is going to affect all of us, no matter where we live.